2017 Skaters

Outside of derby you go through the same routines everyday, feeling mediocre. With derby you get a chance to feel powerful and skilled for even just one jam. The people you meet are amazing and knowing that you share even just one thing in common, you become bonded and it’s because if derby.  

-Tat’d Sinner



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-Juanna B. Out

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-Redneck Rebel

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-Undead Nightmare

2017 FreshMeat

Derby to me is like an alternate reality. It’s where I get to feel as badass as I want to in real life, to feel almost super human. It’s where I get to leave my real life behind and join with a group of amazingly strong, talented, like minded women towards a similar goal. My escape, my stress reliever, my me time.

-Wicked WreckHer

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-Faith No Mercy